This Deepavali – And Always !

This Deepavali – And Always !


To the….

events that shaped me
people who scraped me

despair that groomed me
emotions that consumed me

days of uncertainty
moments of divinity

friends turning foes
strangers sharing woes

angels stepping in
silence amidst the din

love that never was
life without a pause

acceptance of it all
readiness for the long haul

ease and grace
universe and space

….I send Love and Light
This Deepavali Night

With this one hope
That I shall always cope

For, my Inner Light
Is forever Shining Bright



Love and Light

Life hinted – Love is always fair

I had my doubts

Life gestured – Love needs no seer

I had my doubts

Life suggested – Love is for posterity

I had my doubts

Life coaxed- Love is never a folly

I had my doubts

Life blared – Love makes everything right

I had my doubts

So Life awakened me to Love and Light

And then I had none!

Dearest Ma

I look back

I see you

I gaze ahead

You are there too

Any melody I hear

Reminds me of your voice

Cherishing your memories

Always  my first choice

My first tryst with love

Was with your loving gaze

No wonder, Ma,

You permeate my space



Ceaseless, eternal, unyielding, steadfast
Amorphous, yet concrete
Has no beginning and no end
Moves on without casting a backward glance
Hurts and heals with the same nonchalance
Separates and unites with similar dispassion
Creates history, shapes the present and heralds the future
Treats birth and death as two acts of the same play
Neither mourns defeat nor hails victory
Turns derision into applause and love into hate with identical equanimity
This mysterious dichotomy of Time
Inexplicable, yet full of meaning
Shall time and again, elude mankind

As I Awaken…

When asked right, the questions
Beget answers, with grace and ease
Some work on my ownself
And there I have – love, acceptance, peace
A final turn, of the Awareness Key
Effortlessly, the truth reveals

With knowledge, when I own up
To myself, at all times
That energy is everything
And I am – an expression divine
No Judgement and voila
My own approval makes me sublime

It Takes One to See One
And then make oneself whole
Nothing Is ever missing
When I realize my goal
For growth is Inevitable
Divine grace pervades my soul
– @dimple_kaul

The Awakening

What separates life from death
The one thin line of a single breath

Who paints morbid pictures of gloom
The mind which loves to fret and fume

Why the urge to mindlessly gloat
Ignorance – this world is just a moat
which needs to be crossed over in time
to unravel that lesson sublime

When will I know my wordly deed
An inward glance is all you need
to fulfill your sole purpose here
long forgotten, replaced by fear

How do I overcome this sorrow
Stop harping on the unseen tomorrow

All you need to do and how
Is to be aware and revel in the now
– @dimple_kaul

India – The Unwarped Idea

Two men killed, around the same time
Both brutally, by mob instigated crime

Somehow the News covered only one
Of the other, not a passing mention

Perhaps, while enjoying a rare steak
Or savoring fresh, blood-dripping meat

The Lutyeratti, as they rose
For another spin, they just froze

The choice between Akhlaq and Rajpal
Which murder’d fuel the agenda tall

And in one divisive, venomous breath
As in life, so in death

This dissection of countrymen
Continued, through self-serving spin

A ghastly crime, all Indians condemn
Maliciously pinned, on one religion

And the judge, jury and executioner
Sitting in the pompous anchor chair

With the attention span of a mosquito
Proclaimed the verdict, for all to know

Their diatribe, with an incident stray
Maligned our ethos from pray to prey

But beyond the Loutyens sequestered zone
A consterned nation, in one voice mourns

The tragic loss, of an Indian life
Uninfluenced, by sectarian strife

Waking up, to their cheap ploy
Refusing to be Mammon’s toy

Thus, despite writers of their ilk
Coming to their aid, for more to milk

It is comeuppance for the vultures of gore
With women showing them the door

High time, it dawns on such media
India is way above their misplaced idea

– Dimple Kaul